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For those wanting to lose weight fast on a ketosis diet, you might want to begin testing your body to see if and when you’re in ketosis. It’s not about the initial getting into ketosis that you need to be concerned with, either.

You’ll want to continue tracking your ketones to see what, if anything, knocks you out of ketosis so that you can put yourself back on track so that you don’t stall out with your weight loss. Here are 3 testing options for ketosis confirmation.

What Ketone Level Do I Need?

Your goal is to have ketone levels at more than 0.5mM. Or, with nutritional ketosis, it would be 0.5-3mM. What happens is your fat gets broken down to be used by the body, and the fatty acid spikes in your bloodstream. They’re turned into ketones, and when you achieve those specific levels, you’re then in ketosis.

How Can I Test My Ketone Levels?

There are three ways you can get your state of ketosis confirmed. The first is by using simple urine test strips.

Urine Test Strips

You can buy these over the counter or online and all you to is put the tip of the strip into the stream of your urine (or into the container that you collected it in) and match the color of the strip to what’s on the bottle, which will show you when your body has a higher level of ketones.

Urine is the least accurate of the three methods, though the most convenient.

Breath Test

You can also do a breath test to see if your body is in ketosis using a breathalyzer. The one thing people like is that, unlike the urine strips, you don’t have to keep purchasing anything to use this method.

You simply blow into the breathalyzer and it will tell you the level of ketones using the number of acetones excreted. The results you’ll get are similar in nature to the third, option, which is measuring blood ketones.

Blood Measurement

With a blood measurement system, it’s slightly more invasive because it requires the use of a lancet. It’s also the most accurate method of seeing if you’re in ketosis, and it measures the presence of BHB, instead of acetones.

You can buy different blood meters and strips. Some will test the glucose while others will test the ketone levels. After sterilizing your finger with an alcohol swab, you’ll prick your finger with a lancet and then place a drop of blood onto the test strip, which is then read by the blood meter.

Whichever way you test, make sure to track how you’re feeling at different ketone levels and how your weight loss is progressing. It will be different for everyone, and you want to be feeling your best and having the best results as well.

Is it necessary?

Yes and no. You don’t have to use these to know whether or not you are in ketosis. You can feel it, smell it, and experience it. When you are in it, you know you are. These tests are for those who have very specific needs and really do not need to be used by everyone. The truly accurate test is also the most expensive and this can be out of your budget. Many people do it just by tracking their intake, making sure they get their macros right, and following a plan.

How Do I get Started?

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