Should I Fast Every Day?

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Intermittent fasting undoubtedly has loads of health benefits, both for weight loss and your overall health. But one of the big questions to ask is: Should I Fast Every Day?.

Start Off Light

A fast is a major change for your body. When you go without eating for a longer period, your body will begin to make small adjustments to when it will choose to make energy available to you. It could be overwhelming or make you quit if you decide to take on a really fierce challenge right away. Be sure to be reasonable and ease into things. Making big changes can really put a massive strain on your system, and it could lower your immune stability.

Starting off light might mean slowly increasing the amount of time you fast or just starting to push your first meal of the day back by maybe an hour. As you get more used to it, you can push it more until you reach the type of fasting protocol you are aiming for.

Consider Your Safety First

If you’re fasting, be sure you know how many calories you are expending. If you’re not keeping track closely enough, your body could start to feel weak, and your cognitive functions are likely to suffer in a noticeable way in a short period of time.

If you start off with something easy, you’ll be less likely to have to start over because you were ready to end the fast. If you begin to notice that you feel lightheaded or dizzy, be sure to eat something light so that you don’t shock your system in that way either. Try drinking some kind of light soup or broth to get some nutrients into your system. Too much all at once can make you very ill.

Stay Well Hydrated

If you are going to try fasting every day, make sure you are hydrating your body properly. Drink plain water as often as you can. That keeps you from escalating the ingredient load in your tea and other beverages that are okay for your fast. When you are fasting, keep in mind you should only have drinks that are plain, with no calories, sugar, or macronutrients in them.

This typically means plain water or water with salt for the electrolytes, tea that is not sweetened with fruit, and black coffee.

Fast Every Other Day at First

Before you decide if you want to fast every day, try just every other day. This is going to give you a break to get your body used to fasting but what you will notice is that soon fasting just becomes a natural part of your routine. It is much easier than you might expect.

How Do I get Started?

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